Welcome to The Quantum Mystic Mystery School


We are a modern day mystery school dedicated to practical tools to integrate and embody metaphysical, mystical, and spiritual knowledge.

Our mission is to elevate human consciousness in a practical, applicable way, while also encouraging you to dive deeper into your spiritual essence. We aim to create not just thinkers and doers, but awakened, conscious individuals who contribute positively to the world and on the journey to transcend the limitations of our physical universe.

You are here because you have felt a calling to elevate your consciousness and live to your higher potential. We are in an exciting time to be alive and there is a massive opportunity to shift into the next level of your spiritual evolution.



Think of us as your spiritual roadmap in the often confusing terrain of metaphysics and spirituality. We offer you a structured, well-guided journey aimed to deepen your spiritual understanding. It's all presented in a straightforward way that empowers you to become a competent practitioner of metaphysical arts and sciences.

We know that the path of spiritual exploration often comes with its own set of unique challenges—obstacles, questions, and personal trials. That's why we've designed a supportive online space where you can connect with fellow travelers, share your experiences, and find community. And it's not just about online interaction; our members often talk about the meaningful connections they've made, connections that enrich their offline lives as well.

At its core, our school invites members to explore spiritual topics without the constraints of traditional societal norms. We advocate for open-minded thinking and encourage our members to explore the vast potentials of consciousness and spiritual understanding, promoting freedom for the mind, soul, and limitless expansion into the infinite realms of consciousness, possibility, and spiritual awareness.

Simply put, the Quantum Mystic Mystery School is where modern methodology meets age-old wisdom, offering you a complete, practical education in expanding your consciousness and improving your everyday life.


You might wonder why we've dubbed it the "Quantum" Mystic Mystery School. Well, the term 'Quantum' isn't just there to sound cutting-edge. It's actually central to how we approach personal development and spiritual growth.

Imagine being able to bring all aspects of yourself—your past, present, and future—into alignment. That's what quantum learning and healing are all about. It's a holistic, integrative approach to getting to know and heal yourself at every level.

We delve into methods that help you tap into your past lives, resolve lingering ancestral issues, and harmonize the different layers of your consciousness—think ego, unconscious, and superconscious. The goal here is not just superficial fixes; it's about deep-rooted healing that brings lasting change.

In essence, when we talk about 'Quantum,' we're talking about a comprehensive upgrade of your consciousness. It's the way to unlock your full potential, to lead a life rich in joy and meaning, and to serve others in the most impactful way. It's not just about you; it's about bettering your interaction with the world and everyone in it.

Feel the tingle of truth as you read through these points? Then, perhaps, you are ready for the profound journey that Initiation offers.



Who exactly is a Mystical Initiate? Picture someone who's more than just a deep thinker or a learned scholar.

These are the individuals who've dared to go beyond mainstream thought, breaking new ground as philosophers, healers, innovators, and adventurers of the spiritual realm. Throughout history, such figures have congregated in sacred spaces, exploring ancient wisdom to unlock deeper layers of existence.

For Mystical Initiates, the world as we know it is merely the surface level—a facade, if you will. They understand that beneath this surface lies a profound, complex realm of interconnected spiritual energies. Their pursuit isn't just intellectual; it's a soulful journey to higher states of being, fueled by authentic spiritual discoveries.

They're driven by the belief that there's a hidden layer of reality, a more profound truth waiting to be discovered. And in that discovery, the Mystical Initiate finds not only knowledge but a pathway to elevate their own consciousness—and, perhaps, to illuminate the world around them. It's not just about understanding the universe but about enhancing the divine essence within, enabling it to soar to new dimensions of existence.

Is Initiation the Sacred Journey You've Been Seeking? Here's How to Know: 

  • You feel an unwavering conviction that you're destined for something profoundly meaningful in your lifetime.
  • The thought of uplifting the world around you ignites a fire within your soul, compelling you to act.
  • Your pursuit of spiritual enlightenment isn't a passing hobby, but a devoted quest that guides your actions and decisions.
  • You're not just open to transforming your life, but deeply committed to crafting a reality brimming with joy, purpose, and abundance.
  • You intuitively sense that life is more than just what we can touch or see; you believe in the intangible mysteries that weave through our existence.
  • You resonate with the idea of a grander consciousness, a cosmic tapestry that extends beyond what we conventionally define as "reality."
  • You've embarked on various spiritual quests, tasted different philosophies, and while each has offered some wisdom, you've always felt like something vital was still absent.
  • Whether it's the words on this page or a magnetic pull upon meeting Lisa or Jane, something within you resonates deeply, signaling that this is part of your path.

Ultimately, quantum healing and quantum living is about upgrading your level of consciousness, so you can live to your potential, have a joyful and meaningful life and be of service to others.


Lisa Campion is a Psychic Counselor and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years of experience.  She specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths, and healers so that they can fully step into their gifts since the world needs all the healers that it can get!

She is the author of the best-selling #1 books, The Art of Psychic Reiki and the award-winning Energy Healing for Empaths as well as her newest books Awakening Your Psychic Abilities and The Psychic Awakening Journal. 

Lisa started working as a psychic when she was just 19 years old and has conducted well over 15,000 individual sessions. She has been teaching Reiki for over 23 years and has trained thousands of people in Reiki and other energy medicine modalities.   She has a host of online Reiki and psychic development courses and is dedicated to helping people open up their own psychic and healing gifts with ease and grace.


Jane Bear is a guide for people seeking spiritual alignment and a deeper connection with their authentic selves, reconnecting them with their soul and to Spirit. Her focus is in embodied living, and helping people on a deep spiritual exploration find powerful ways to live fully in their human experience so that they can reach their full potential.

Jane uses a unique and powerful mix of quantum energy work and her psychic abilities to help people heal themselves, so that together we can heal the world. Her soul based psychic readings help to uncover your own unique excellence while holding your center and staying grounded along the way.

Jane will help you remember that you are sitting on a goldmine of untapped potential – your true self. This awakening of your soul and discovering how to love yourself and everyone around you, helps you navigate through the uncertainty of the world that we are all facing right now, and brings you into the highest fulfillment of your greatest potential - to Know Thyself.

Jane is the author of "Quantum Shift Your Life" and the co-host of the "Quantum Mystic" Podcast. She has been a dedicated practitioner of meditation since the age of nine and boasts over two decades of experience as a yogi. Since 2016, Jane has also been teaching yoga and meditation. A Reiki Master and Master Psychic Healer, Jane hosts transformative retreats globally, committed to serving humanity to the best of her abilities.



a three year mystical program 


Each level is an 8-month long commitment, conducted virtually via live Zoom sessions and culminating in an in-person retreat for a transformative initiation experience. Here's a glimpse into the three pivotal levels that make up the core curriculum of our Quantum Mystic Mystery School.


This first year is all about learning to live as powerfully as we can as humans in the world, by accessing, clearing and healing your conscious mind the personal/ego self. The focus is on cleansing and harmonizing the chakras so that you can live to your highest potential. Learn to raise your vibration to the highest level you can and create life force energy so that you complete your mission here.

  • Work through, cleanse and heal the chakra system, so you can access your full power and potential.
  • Create a joyful, heart centered life that fully functions for you on every level.
  • Deeply understand your life’s purpose so you can be of service to the world.
  • Quantum hack your life to live at the highest vibration and raise your life force energy to the max.


After we have conquered the conscious mind in the Initiate level, we are going to delve deeper into the shadowy recesses of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has great power to manifest and create your life which can be a problem if this part of you is in conflict with your higher self. To bridge the gap, we employ tools such as dream interpretation, shamanic journeys, rituals, and psychic development exercises that enable you to communicate with, and ultimately heal, your subconscious self.

  • Learn to access your subconscious mind through dream interpretation and self-hypnosis techniques.
  • Recognize and heal any early childhood programing that does not serve you now through inner child work and family constellations.
  • Change and heal your shadow self through powerful shadow work techniques
  • Utilize rituals to reprogram your shadow and subconscious to help you heal any inner conflicts and achieve the life you truly desire.


Reaching this level signifies a transformative leap. It means you're ready to unlock your superconscious mind, where your awareness expands into present-moment mindfulness suffused with joy and peace. You will continue to hone the skills to govern your thoughts and emotions while optimizing your energy field. At this stage, we align you with your life's purpose and prepare you to serve humanity, all while deepening your ecstatic connection to the divine.

  • Discover the highest level of your life purpose so you can be of service to humanity
  • Experience deep ecstatic states of oneness and unity with yourself, others and the divine source.
  • Connect with the highest level spirit guides so that you can be guided along every step of your path
  • Choose the highest level spiritual practices and life hacks to keep your vibration and life force energy high.


In our Quantum Mystic Mystery School, we've carefully structured our curriculum to provide an immersive, hands-on learning experience that emphasizes both personal and collective growth. Here's how our monthly class format looks, aimed at ensuring you get the most out of this transformative journey

We only run this program once a year , Space is Limited!  Sign up now as enrollment ends soon!




or 8 monthly payments of $199

  • One Monthly Teaching Call with Lisa

  • One Monthly Teaching Call with Jane

  • Access to the Quantum Healing Membership and archives

  • Quantum Field Group Attunements with Lisa
  • Private Facebook Group

  • Buddy Group Study Sessions

  • Accountability Practice

  • Journal Prompts

  • Recommended Reading List




or 8 monthly payments of $299

  • One Monthly Teaching Call with Lisa

  • One Monthly Teaching Call with Jane  PLUS.......

  • One Monthly Process and Integration Call with Jane or Lisa

  • One Monthly Private Session with Jane or Lisa

  • One Monthly Meditation Circle with Jane or Lisa

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Buddy Group Study Sessions

  • Accountability Practice

  • Recommended Reading List



The Official Quantum Mystical Mystery School Course Curriculum Includes:

Foundations of Mysticism: Exploring mysticism's history, philosophy, and principles and understanding its relevance in the modern world.

A Deep Dive into the 7 Chakra’s: bringing balance into your life through the chakra system. Deeper understanding of what the Chakras are and their functions. Explore Physical & Spiritual correlation of the Chakras. Gain practical techniques to balance the chakras. Chakra Balancing & Vitalizing Meditation. You will also receive ancient tools techniques to sustain and nourish the chakras. As you work with the energy of the chakras you will develop a stronger sense of identity, greater peace within, and overall wellness.

Consciousness Expansion: Techniques for expanding consciousness, activating higher states of awareness, and exploring altered states of consciousness for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Inner Alchemy: Exploring the inner realms of self-transformation, including the purification and integration of emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, and the cultivation of inner harmony and balance.

Practical Applications: Applying mystical principles and practices in everyday life, including manifesting intentions, enhancing intuition, and aligning with a higher purpose and destiny.

Community and Support: Building a supportive community of like-minded seekers, sharing experiences, insights, and wisdom, and fostering a sense of spiritual fellowship and connection.